Got my first new york city tattoo with Ryan. Hes so nice and friendly!!! The place is super clean with good music. I like this place! Definitely will go back for my second new york city tattoo !
got my third tattoo from Louis and it's always a great experience at black square. turned out great. Louis is professional and easy to talk to about ideas. the shop is always clean and welcoming. really nice community vibe with none of the cred test cool guy shit you might find at another shop (or in like, a jr high punk scene). a great place to spend your money, will continue to recommend to friends and strangers online
louis did a cool tat for me this weekend at the philadelphia tattoo convention. all around it was a great experience! he drew me something custom pretty quickly and he totally understood what i wanted. super easy to work with and super professional. nice guy. felt very comfortable the whole time. no intimidating "cool tattoo guy" bullshit. just nice chatting about tats and life stuff. price was totally reasonable. really happy with the piece. definitely going to go visit him at the shop for more stuff. would highly recommend.
Went in for a spontaneous tattoo with a friend a few months back. The service was great, the place is super clean and it stays open late. Knarly Gav is a funny dude. He graciously dealt with our request for matching diamond tattoos.
Rukus did an amazing job on hooking up and old tattoo of mine.They are very nice and professional and have very reasonable prices!!!! I will be back!!!!
I had two great experiences here. Made friends with rukus and knarly Gav, they're really cool. I got one on my neck and a big one on my arm. I didn't have any problems and Gav was really helpful to me. Honestly, all the artists in here are great and gives rad tattoos. Can't go wrong with black square.
I I brought 3 of my friends here (for a total of 4 - yes 4) tattoos at the same time. We all go fairly small designs, but we still needed tweaking to our designs. Louis, Ed and Noel were all very helpful, professional, quick and kind. We were all very pleased with our tattoos and with the pricing. I'm sure I will be back - thanks guys!
I've come here twice for Friday the 13th specials - first time I got a tattoo and it was an awesome experience. I didn't get a tattoo here for my second visit but my room mate walked away with some rad flash! All the artists I've interacted with have been super chill, down to Earth, clean, and professional. I recommend this shop often! It's become a favourite in the neighbourhood!
Got a Friday the 13th flash piece from Nick Paine. The shop is small, clean, and the folks are pretty chill. The wait and price were super reasonable. I'm glad I met Nick, he did a terrific job and I'll be going to see him again in a couple of weeks.
I walked in appointment-less for a simple line tattoo. I wasn't certain I was going to get it done that day--just shopping around for estimates. Blue Square gave me an accurate quote, and welcomed me to walk around the block and think it over because they had time for walk-ins all day. After I decided to go for it, they were very patient and friendly with placing the design. They're very affordable for the area, and incredibly professional while still making themselves available to questions and concerns from tattoo newbies. I will definitely go back for future pieces.
Love everyone here, have been tattooed by Rukus, Gav, and Meia multiple times each. I've got one from Louis and one from Noel, but I want more from both those cats. Always a good time. Pretty sure everyone does hand-pokes as well! I've always bounced around shops but I came here the first time just from window shopping and, being a fan of old-school tattooing, it seemed like a good fit. Now I always come here, sometimes I
I chose somewhere nice and local for my first tattoo and this place just happened to be a little gem! The dude going by the name of Rukus came up with a great design that I love and made it all really easy and no trouble. Super professional and really great value too :)